To Tail Bag or not to Tail Bag?

In my case, I love putting a tail bag on Lunia. I want her long, beautiful white tail to stay that way and a tail bag is a great way to keep it both clean, and long! Pictured below is how Lunia’s tail looked after I took one of the bags I have off.


Tail bags may be confusing but they’re simply just a bag of fabric that you put a braid into and tie well below the dock of your horses tail.



I like to put a tail bag on Lunia when I go out on the trail because it gives her tail extra protection from snagging on plants or other objects that could damage it. It’s also very useful after bathing because you can braid the clean tail and keep it clean longer than usual.


When using a tail bag make sure that you tie it well below the dock of your horses tail, if you were to tie the dock of your horses tail in, it could cut off circulation and do a lot more harm than good.



Here are some of the benefits of a tail bag:

  • Cleaner tail
  • Longer and thicker tail
  • Protection from Snagging
  • Cute Fabrics


I am lucky to be an ambassador for a great tail bag company called Clean n Chic Tailbags. With great prices, and loads of fabric options you’re sure to find a pattern you love (p.s. they make mane bags too!) As fly season is approaching, you may be thinking, well how is my horse going to swat at flies? Don’t worry, they offer fly bags with fly fringe, which is visible in the video below at the end of the tail bag Lunia is wearing:


If you’d like to purchase a tail bag from them go to their Instagram page and DM them your order and use my code LIFEWITHLUNIA



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