The Hands that Make Silver Oaks Farm

As many of you know, I love to find small equestrian brands that I can support and proudly wear their items around the barn or in my daily life. One of those accounts that I had found was @silveroaksfarm, a beautiful Instagram page that shows the idyllic lifestyle that equestrians strive for. Amongst all the beautiful photos, there are photos of hand embroidered chambray shirts, denim jackets, and simple t-shirts that are equestrian themed. Now my attention was surely captured and I knew I had to introduce myself and get my hands on a beautifully embroidered shirt.  Not only is the account beautiful, but the woman behind it is is just as beautiful and friendly. So below I give you an interview I did of Erin Kate, the woman behind Silver Oaks Farm.




How did you become an equestrian? What made you fall in love with horses?

I got the horse gene!  I am the youngest of six kids and when I was a year old my oldest sister begged my parents for a horse.  My mom had always loved horses but had never owned one.  My parents bought Danny, a bombproof Tennessee Walking Horse.  My mom used to trail ride with me in front of her on the saddle when I was just a baby.  When I was five my parents bought me a Shetland Pony named Cinnamon.  The rest is history!

Photo of Erin in a Clip Clop Hand Embroidered Shirt – gathered from her Instagram page

When did you start hand embroidering designs on shirts, jackets, bags and more?

My mom had a sewing room growing up.  She let me design things with her scrap fabrics and ribbon when I was little.  I wasn’t serious about anything just having fun probably because she didn’t let me watch TV very often…lol!

In high school, I was an exchange student to Germany. Vintage Levi jeans were all the rage with my host sister and her friends. She had a pair that were embroidered. When I returned home I went crazy and hand embroidered all my jeans and a denim jacket.  I’m self-taught.

I had embroidered an old sweater that I had and posted it on my Instagram.  It was reposted by @miltonmenasco and people wanted to buy it.  The wheels started spinning and there I as revisiting my high-school embroidery days.  The response has been amazing!

What inspires you for your work and the designs you offer?

Horses and my love for timeless, clean, and classic style inspire me.   I also like that each item is one-of-a-kind in that they are hand embroidered.  People think I’m crazy to hand embroider each piece but I feel it adds a unique character and individuality that you can’t get with a sewing machine.

How did it feel to have your work featured in Horse and Style Mag?

It was a dream!  I was so honored and incredibly flattered to be included in the magazine.

Photo of Erin’s work Featured in Horse & Style Magazine, photo gathered from Erin’s Instagram

What are your plans for Silver Oaks Farm?

Silver Oaks Farm has become much more than I ever imagined.  First, it was the name of our home and farm.  Then I began my personal Instagram and called it @silveroaksfarm.  It’s also the name of my horse boarding business.   And most recently the name of my Etsy shop!  I hope Silver Oaks Farm is always a place on the web for horse lovers to visit and be inspired by my photographs and my Etsy shop creations!



Thank you so much Erin for your time and for creating such beautiful items for us to wear! Huge congratulations on being featured in Horse and Style Mag; I can’t wait to see where you are featured next!

To follow Erin on Instagram click here.

To check out her Etsy shop click here.

2 thoughts on “The Hands that Make Silver Oaks Farm

  1. Your custom shirt is SO cute! I just saw it on your Instagram, and I had to come check out this post. I’ve always had a love for embroidery, both creating it and wearing it – so I’ll definitely be checking out Silver Oaks Farm!


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