Product Review: Sport Horse Essentials

Hey guys, or should I say hay guys!

I recently ran a poll on my Instagram and found that many of you wanted Product Reviews so here is the first one!

I first came across Sport Horse Essentials on Instagram around the time that Hurricane Irma was battering Florida and SHE (Sport Horse Essentials) was braving the storm with her horses. I prayed that she and all other horse owners would be safe during the tough times and found myself going through her Instagram feed in my spare time.

Now let me tell you, I own a fairly shiny horse but the horses I was seeing on her page were so shiny you would need sunglasses to look at them. From that point on I knew I needed to get Lunia that shiny. However, SHE isn’t just about making horses shiny and pretty, they use essential oils in their products that are all natural and help an indefinite amount of ailments and problems. I use essential oils myself and if they’re good enough for me they’re even better for my horse.

I went ahead and purchased the Coat Spray (after watching a live video of how shiny a horse was after using it) and the Hoof Oil.


(Ignore my poor painting job, Lunia was all up in my face while I was doing this!)

It came in the mail packaged so nicely I almost didn’t want to take it out! I got to using it right away and went ahead and sprayed the Coat Spray on Lunia. Not only did it go on nicely and left her feeling soft and smooth but it also kept the flies off of her! It didn’t leave her skin feeling oily like some spray products do and I was so pleased that she wasn’t being bothered by flies anymore.

Now the Hoof Oil is magical! Not only did I get some barn friends of mine asking if there was glitter in it (there’s not) but Lunia herself loved it so much she was dying to lick it off the bottle! She intently watched me put it on her hooves much to my dismay since her dirty nose was getting in my hair, but the hoof oil goes on beautifully and it doesn’t have a strong smell like normal hoof oils do! It’s also clear in color so it just accentuates her cool stripes on her hooves!

I am so happy with both my purchases and highly recommend using their all natural products. The range of products extends to Fly Spray, Fungus Spray, Packages, People Insect Repellent, and cool hats!


I hope you enjoyed this product review! Looking forward to sharing shiny SHE sprayed Lunia on my Instagram!

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