The Girl on the Horse

Hello everyone! Awhile back I asked you all what you would like to see on this blog next and the vast majority asked for an about me! So sit back relax and get to know me better.



My name is Andrea but I go by Andie and clearly I have been a horse girl from a very young age.

I’m currently 24 years old, working a full-time job at Sysco as a Sales Admin Assistant, and going to grad school (which I will be done with next month woohoo!)

I started riding horses at the age of 6 and quickly deemed them my favorite animal after I realized that you couldn’t ride dolphins all the time!



I took lessons at a wonderful stable for years and learned every aspect of horse care, but it wasn’t until my senior year of college that my dream to have my own horse came true. (Thank you Mom and Dad xx)


Aside from the horse part of my life which takes up about 90% of my thoughts, I am an avid reader, love being outdoors and hiking, and working out and staying fit. So when I’m not at the barn and not doing graduate school work, you can probably find me doing any of those things!


Below you’ll see picture’s of me doing the various things I love and my amazing boyfriend, Nathan.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for joining me on my life with Lunia!




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