Living with Lunia


Hi! My name is Andie and this is my life with Lunia, the pretty white mare in the photo! I’ve wanted a horse of my own since I was 6 and at 22 I was finally blessed┬áby my parents (thank you mom and dad!) with this beautiful Holsteiner Mare, Lunia. Somewhere between 22 and 23, I decided it would be fun to start an Instagram page for her and that has led me here.

This blog is a place for product reviews, tips from the barn, equestrian world news, and my experiences of owning a unicorn.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for coming along for the ride.


One thought on “Living with Lunia

  1. Hey Andie! We have a lot in common and welcome to blogging! Congratulations on your unicorn and lucky to have supportive parents. I have amazing parents but I had to wait until 26 to get my black pegasus, Blade. Check him out at Can’t wait to read more!

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